Volunteer at Dimensions Family School

Volunteering at Dimensions is how we keep our costs low and the school accessible to everyone. After you apply for either a Program or Full Membership with a volunteer requirement, you will be put in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator who will help find a good volunteer fit for your family. Below is a list of our currents needs, but we are also open to new ideas if you have a particular passion, talent or area of expertise.

Ongoing Needs


  • Our parents are our primary resource for teaching classes at DFS. When you teach a class, it counts as double volunteer hours, so teaching a one-hour class counts as two hours towards your total commitment
  • If you have a specific class you would like to teach, please create a class proposal.

Cleaning and Facility Maintenance

  • General cleaning and pickup
  • Electrician, plumbing and other licensed contractor services
  • Light construction and facility maintenance

Office and Administrative Support

  • Administrative support services, such as replying to voicemail, writing back to general inquiries
  • We have a front desk that we like to keep friendly, knowledgeable faces at. Duties include answering questions as people come in the door and keeping an eye on students in the Art/Tinkering room.

Volunteer Staff Positions

In addition to teaching, our volunteer parents also help us keep costs low by serving in staff positions. Please note, the following positions may or may not be filled already. Please contact volunteer@dimensionsfamilyschool.org for updated availability of positions.

Athletic Director
Organize and manage DFS’ athletics program.

Birthday Coordinator
Create, manage and update a calendar for our families that lists everyone’s birthdays so we can celebrate as a school.

Board Membership
Please contact volunteer@dimensionsfamilyschool.org current board needs if you are interested in serving on our board. You can learn more about our Board.

Clubs Manager
Make our clubs programming run well, with mentors and student leaders. And have fun.

CommuniTea Organizer
Get tea, manage the signups, room setup, MC the event, tidy up afterward – once per month, 2 hours commitment. One to run the lunch hour and one for extra stuff – cleanup, promotion, etc.

Dads Event Coordinator
Plan events just for DFS and other homeschooling Dads.

Events Coordinator
Provide support to ensure DFS events are scheduled, run smoothly and details attended to. Provide assistance in sending event details to Social Media Coordinator and Registrar, as well as promoting events to local homeschool groups. Follow up with other event promotion tasks for DFS Community Events as needed.

Field Trip Coordinator
Plan fun outings for our students and the greater homeschool community.

FUNdraising Coordinator
Coordinate small projects like book fairs and bulk materials purchases for families.  A team of families that are interested in this position may handle a larger project like a Knowledge Fair.

Graphic Designer
Professional graphic designers can help create new designs as needed, and manage ordering various Dimensions Family School promotional materials, including vinyl banner, t-shirts, magnets, bumper stickers, tote bags, and mugs.

Lunch Care Helper
We need a parent that helps out (on Thursdays in particular) to supervise Discovery and Foundations kids that are staying over lunch break and have asked for care.

Media Coordinator
Get the word out about our unique learning space. This can be done remotely, but requires a strong internet technology background.

Movie Night Coordinator
Plan a series of family movie nights (requires motion picture licensing, which DFS staff will help arrange).

Newborn Program Coordinator
Families that have a baby while attending DFS need some special care, and this position would coordinate and manage a program to support them.

Outdoor Adventure Coordinator
Plan family campouts and other outdoor adventures for member families.

Parent Support Group Facilitators
A licensed counselor or social worker to facilitate our parent support groups.

Partnership Coordinator
Solicit local partnerships with businesses close by.  We have discounts and daytime class opportunities in Durham because of families that are reaching out to business owners.  Please contact volunteer@dimensionsfamilyschool.org before representing Dimensions in a formal conversation.

Take photos to share of our special events, as well as other promotional shots as needed.

Input classes, manage billing and perform other tasks in our RecDesk software.

Special Events Coordinator
Create awesome events at Dimensions Family School for members and/or the wider community.  These could be related to holidays, service project opportunities, social events, coordinating with local businesses, and much more.

Social Media Coordinator
Keep our Facebook, Twitter and other outlets up to date with the latest information. Manage our private Facebook group, as well as creating and sending MailChimp e-mail marketing as needed.

Spelling Bee Coordinator
Run the bee! We have the materials and instructions. This is probably a 4-6 hour time commitment, with half of those hours on the day of the bee in January and the rest for prep.

Volunteer Coordinator
Assist the Director of Dimensions with matching volunteer interests with current school needs. Assist families with logging hours, and following up as needed.

Webmaster/Website Updating
Update and manage the DFS website. The site is currently in WordPress, so experience with that platform is required.


Who provides supplies and materials?
Donations are always appreciated, but reimbursements are available for pre-approved expenses that directly meet a stated volunteer need.

Who can volunteer?
Any adult in the family may work toward completing the hours requirement. Teens may also contribute with permission of the director (typically with a role that we mutually agree upon as a good fit – we love our teen volunteers!).

Can I “work ahead” or “bank” my hours to complete my volunteer commitment?
Absolutely.  In fact, you are encouraged to do so!  Hours carry over within the current school year.  All hours worked at Dimensions Family School contribute to a vibrant, engaged community.  Thank you for investing your energy to create a special place for our children to learn and grow together.  Your efforts are what make a Family School unique!

My friend needs hours. Can I “donate” them?
Yes.  Please use the “notes” box in the form to the left to designate your hours to another family.  This is often done if someone has become ill or has a family hardship.  Other families may step up to cover the need.

We are having a baby!
Congratulations!  We do not require families with a newborn to volunteer for the last four weeks of pregnancy or first twelve weeks of post-partum recovery. Please bring in the baby for snuggles when you feel comfortable though, and let us know how WE can help YOU!