Chatham Foundations Program for Ages 7-12

For children aged 7-12, Dimensions Family School offers a variety of classes and clubs for your child to participate in. For this age group, we focus on developing self-regulation, basic life skills, time management, literacy, numeracy, curiosity, engagement and positive relationships.

The Chatham Foundations program is rooted in the belief that children flourish in an environment which both nurtures their unique interests and prepares them with necessary skills to expand their knowledge, creativity, and inquisitiveness. We strive to help our younger students view education as a part of enjoying and discovering life so that they carry this outlook with them as they grow.  Both in the class room and in the surrounding outdoor trails and woods children are taught as whole, complex individuals with differing gifts, challenges, feelings, and interests. Our goal is to guide students to learn non-competitively, express themselves more fully, and celebrate discovery and the wealth of community as we play games and learn experientially together.

Quarter 2 Chatham Class and Club Schedule

October 30 – January 12, 2017

You can view the schedule and registration links for programming and classes available during Quarter 2.


Tutoring in particular subjects may be available to members depending on teacher interest and availability. To get the latest information about tutoring, please contact