Chatham Location

 Serving ages 4-19, DFS Chatham, located at 15 Nota Road, Moncure, NC 27559, provides an outdoor early school, elementary, middle and high school program. Offerings include academic courses in math, science, reading, writing, and history, as well as project-based courses in creek and ecosystem monitoring, growing, cooking, and selling crops, animal husbandry, engineering, construction, woodworking, metalworking, and glass fusing.

DFS Chatham is nestled in a small, vibrant community near Pittsboro with several homeschooling families and neighbors with various backgrounds, resources, and skills to share. Located on a 150 acre campus of forest, trails, ponds, creeks, animal and vegetable farms, orchards, a playing field, and a wood, glass, and metalworking shop. DFS facilities also include classrooms, a common area, and a full kitchen.

Located at the southern tip of Jordan Lake, it is a 10 minute drive to Pittsboro, a half hour to Cary and Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and 45 minutes to DFS Durham.

Forest School: Ages 4-7

This program is for homeschooling families that have children ages 4-8. The program is a Montessori-based, play-centered learning environment, focused on self-control, love of learning, connection to family, and beginning friendships. Forest School will feature both inside and outside learning experiences, utilizing principles of child-centered learning.

Foundations: Ages 7-12

The Dimensions Chatham Foundations Program is rooted in the belief that children flourish in an environment which both nurtures their unique interests and prepares them with necessary skills to expand their knowledge, creativity, and inquisitiveness. Our goal is to guide students to learn non-competitively, express themselves more fully, and celebrate discovery and the wealth of community as we play games and learn experientially together.

Explorations: Ages 11-15

For children aged 11-14, Dimensions Family School offers a variety of classes for your child to participate in. We want to help your children find their own answers to: “Who am I becoming?”,  “What am I passionate about?” and “What makes a good friend?”

Launch Pad: Ages 13-19

For children aged 13-19, Dimensions Family School offers a variety of classes for your child to participate in. We focus on preparing teens for adulthood and answering the question, “How do I want to affect the world?”

Classes for Parents

To support parents in their homeschool journey, Dimensions Family School offers a variety of adult classes on a range of topics.