Charlotte Dungan

Charlotte Dungan, Executive Director and Founder

Charlotte has an Ed.M. in Learning and Teaching from Harvard University. She is a certified teacher in the State of Massachusetts and holds a lapsed certificate for preschool education in the State of Ohio. She has been a homeschooling parent since 2008.  In addition, Charlotte founded Tinkering Camp in Apex, NC and has experience working in museums, at alternative schools, and within the special needs community (primarily with students with high functioning Autism and ADHD). She has worked on research concerning how teachers implement their values in practice within their classrooms. Charlotte has been married to her husband Pat for 19 years and they have four awesome children, ages 14, 12, 8, and 6.  She believes in a tailored education for every learner, and encourages adults to continue their own learning journeys throughout the lifespan. Dimensions Family School is her life’s dream.

Allison Armieri, Assistant to the Director

Allison grew up in Peekskill, NY, graduated valedictorian of her high school, and earned a B.S. with honors in Food Science in 1991 from Cornell University. Within a month of graduation, she moved to New Brunswick, NJ to attend graduate school in the Department of Food Science. While a graduate student, Allison conducted research on the mechanisms by which food-borne pathogens develop resistance to naturally occurring antimicrobials, was very active with the local Food Science Club and the national Institute of Food Technologist’s Student Association, and published several papers in peer-reviewed journals. In 1997 she completed a Ph.D. in Food Science. Allison spent the next year back in Ithaca, NY working as a postdoctoral research associate in the Food Science Department at Cornell University. In 1999 after the birth of her first child, Allison decided she was happiest as a stay-at-home mom. By 2003 her second and third children had been born and the family was living in North Carolina. Allison spent the next decade homeschooling the family’s three children and volunteering as a Girl Scout leader. Allison’s daughters currently attend the Montessori School of Raleigh and her son Middle College High School at Durham Technical Community College. Allison is passionate about health and wellness and is energized by her involvement with Dimensions Family School.

Mistie Gotch, Operations Director

During Dimension Family School’s inaugural year , Mistie filled many roles including social media coordinator, registrar, substitute teacher, chaperone, front desk position, school administrator and more.   As an integral part of school operations,  her experience allows her to easily transition to the role of Operations Director.

Mistie has been married to her husband Adam for 12 years and has homeschooled their two kids, ages 12 and 9 for all of their academic years.   She has also dedicated many years to activism; working as voice-over actor, transcriber, writer and script editor on the internationally broadcasted, environment focused, positive-TV satellite station SMTV and running a food activism business that provided plant based foods and education to the people of her hometown, Cincinnati.

Mistie feels that supporting Dimensions Family School, first as a volunteer and now a  Director is a new kind of activism for her, one that helps shape a healthy society by ensuring that more young people have access to an individualized, meaningful educational experience.

Stuart Jeckel, Chatham Campus Director

Stuart has taught math, science, technology, and Spanish over the past 10 years for the Khan Academy, Northern High School in Durham, and the Chapel Hill Institute for Cultural and Language Education. He also worked as a linguistics teaching fellow and educational researcher studying the role of self-motivation in computer science education at Harvard University, where he earned his Master of Education. His website,, includes math instructional videos and examples of his work in teaching and research.

Amy Pulliam, Chatham Campus Assistant Director

Amy has a degree in English and Economics from Wellesley College. She moved to the Triangle in 1998, and to a rural Chatham County farmstead in 2010. Homeschooling came as a natural extension of her and her partner’s parenting style; they have homeschooled their three kids throughout the elementary and middle school years. Amy is passionate about design and is currently continuing her own education through CCCC’s Building and Construction Technology Program. She recently served a 3 year term on the Board of the NC Arts Incubator. Her commitment to a gentle and tailored education for each child is the impetus behind her strong commitment to Dimensions Family School Chatham.