Our Philosophy

Dimensions Family School provides families with support in their homeschooling journey, mixing the strengths of a vibrant, multi-faceted school community with the individual, family-based strengths of homeschooling. This combination provides learners of all ages a new alternative to traditional education.

At Dimensions, children and adults become part of a community of peers with access to knowledgeable, helpful individuals with a wide variety of skills and talents. We provide members with the resources they need to direct their own learning, including materials, classes, peer groups, and social opportunities.  When children are free to pursue their own interests, they not only become happier and more engaged, they also become increasingly self-reliant, resourceful and confident in their ability to learn.  We support parents through a Parent Professional Development series, and we work together in a community to educate each member according to their unique strengths.

Experiential, real-world, interest-led learning is the most powerful type of growth experience.  We love to help kids expand their horizons and build on their strengths in a supportive community!

What We Believe

Dimensions Family School believes that family-centered, community-integrated learning creates passionate, life-long learners.

  • Every child deserves a holistic learning experience, honoring the multiple dimensions of their personalities, interests, and talents, to nurture and preserve their natural love of learning.  Kids love the cool classes and experiences!
  • Parents benefit from Parent Professional Development options, as well as informal community support and support groups for special needs.  We provide emotional and academic support for homeschooling parents.
  • The school is integrated into the community, and we actively seek to be engaged through internships, outreach programs, knowledge sharing, and partnerships with like-minded community development organizations.

No two students have exactly the same skills or learning style. That’s why families create an individual learning plan for every child that can change every eight weeks to reflect your child’s changing interests and skills. Your plan may combine direct teacher instruction, small-group work with peers, one-on-one tutoring, music instruction, and social activities.  Your family chooses when to utilize the school’s resources; maybe you come several mornings a week, or perhaps you stay the full day on Tuesday and Wednesday.



We measure our students and teachers using the following Dimensions of learning.  We strive to help students find their P.L.A.C.E.S. as defined below:

PASSION – Students are developing a depth of knowledge in a single subject

LIFELONG LEARNING – Students are continuing to learn outside of classes

ACCEPTANCE – Students and families feel a sense of community where the unique self is respected

CREATIVITY – Not simply artistry, students can problem solve and are empowered as makers and creators

ENGAGEMENT – students love to learn while experiencing growth in their abilities (the Zone of Proximal Development)

SOCIAL JUSTICE – DFS provides an understanding of diverse perspectives and demonstrates equity, community building, and positive change in the world


Each 8 week evaluation for students and teachers for any classroom instruction contains these measurements.  We also assess content mastery on a pass/fail basis when applicable and rate whether students have reasonably appropriate classroom behavior on a yes/needs improvement basis.  Parents are always given a narrative evaluation on their student’s strengths.  Their evaluation also examines where students are headed next, which can either be gentle suggestions for areas that may need more practice or, quite often, it is additional resources to inspire deeper learning at home, such as a book series or project that the instructor feels would engage the student to continue learning their particular subject.

Finally, we also give annual awards to the student (or parent!) that exemplifies each of these PLACES attributes in our end of year Graduation celebration.