My Dear Community,

Since May of 2015, I have led the charge to open Dimensions Family School and have been honored to be its Executive Director from the initial planning meetings in coffee shops to actually opening the doors. We’ve served families for a year and a half under my direction, never taking on any debt and even opening a second location (yay Chatham!) in September. However, this year has been very physically challenging for me and I’m heading toward a second shoulder surgery in just over a month. Also, some of the skills needed to develop DFS to its full potential are not within my interest or ability – others I simply do not have time to implement as I return a balanced focus to both my own homeschooling family while being a part of DFS.

In order to serve our community most effectively, I am stepping down as Executive Director and Stuart Jeckel, current Chatham Campus Director and Assistant Director of DFS, will become the new ED. I have every confidence that his leadership will take our community to the next level. He will keep our program relevant to current families while creating additional opportunities that make DFS both financially sustainable and allow us to serve more families with high quality programming.  No worries – I’m not leaving entirely!  Stuart and I have been working closely to develop a transition plan and we envision my own role morphing to play to my strengths – creating strong academic offerings, connecting with families, and educating both parents and students while creating strong teacher support programming and community education.  My new role as Director of Instruction will be fully implemented after my surgical recovery is complete this spring. I will continue teaching all of my current classes until winter break.

And now, a story!
Stuart and I met at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where we were taking a progressive education class together called Designing for Learning by Creating. One component of the class was to create a project, and my project was about Dimensions. Stuart reviewed the very first website prototype for DFS and his initial comment was exclaimed with wide eyes, “Can I work here?!?” We had a laugh, for of course it was just a website, but yet here we are today. He has been excited about our way of learning from the very beginning, and I hope you will give him the same trust and love that you have shown to me. I have every confidence that he cares for our families and wants to see DFS flourish.

Thank you for your support over the last few years. It has been an honor to serve this community, to become friends with you and to share in the joy of educating your children. I am forever humbled by your trust and grateful for the time we spend together each week. I’ll definitely see you soon!

Go Dragons!

Charlotte Dungan
Mom of four awesome kids and Founder of Dimensions Family School